Sunday, 5 November 2017

Arts reflection

I think my learning in The Arts in term 3 is at the multistructural level because I can identify some elements of dance and drama. Here are some examples of the elements of drama: Props, backdrops and characters.

Props are one of the most needed elements of drama because props help you with what you look like and what you hold. For example: a gun or an axe.  Backdrops are the background of the dance or drama.  For example if you were doing a play that was in the desert you could create a backdrop that shows sand and cacti.  Characters are people who act out the plays. For example a person could be a cow or an alien.

Toby, Charlie F and I wrote a play about keeping people safe and happy.  Toby, Charlie F and I used dialogue because we told the story by talking to each other.  We were also the playwriters.  We organised the props and costumes for the play.  The props really helped us show who we were and where the setting was for the play.  We thought very carefully where we came on and off the stage.

My next step is to use more elements of drama in a play.   Elements like protagonist (good guy) and antogonist (bad guy), as well as monologue which is when a character makes a speech to the audience.

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