Sunday, 17 September 2017

Childhood memoirs

Being a kid is so great because you can make so many                                 memories.  I've got a bag full of memories. Some are scary, some are terrifying but some are really exciting. Can you think about some memories that you’ll never forget, like being scared, sad, happy, or terrified?

One Sunday morning my dad was working on the roof of my house. I really wanted to go on the roof.  I asked him if I could climb on the roof … “Please Dad, please.” He let me climb up onto the roof of the house. It was really exciting because the view and the scenery was amazing. Even though I was a little bit scared I wanted to stay up there for ever.
On another day my father let me go on a two wheeled bike for the very first time!  I felt very excited to ride on it.  Soon I started to gain speed.  I sped along the ground as fast as a cheetah. When I started to decrease in speed the bike started to shake. one second later I was lying on the concrete, my bike beside me, waiting for me jump back on and try again.

This is a memory I will not forget in a hurry… Finally my kindergarten career was over. I had to go to something called school.  I noticed my mum had some sort of clothes with a piece of writing on it that said Waimiri School.  Sometime later I got to explore the school.  Finally, after a very long morning I  got to go home. To my disappointment mum told me I had to go to school the next day for an entire day!  I felt very annoyed!
Now I like school more than I used too.

When you look back to all your memories you treasure. Unfortunately you will also never forget your embarrassing moments.

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