Monday, 27 March 2017

Discovering my whakapapa

My full name is Jordan Patrick Doonerwind.  Jordan was my mum's maiden name before she married dad.  I was born in Christchurch on 18th of April 2007. 

My dad was born in Christchurch.  My mum moved from Invercargill to Christchurch when she was 12.  My gran and nana live in Christchurch as do my four uncles. My mum's dad used to call me ‘The Little Jordan’ and said he was ‘The Biggest Jordan.’

Grampsie’s dad (my great grandad) used to send morse code messages in the war.  My Nana’s dad lived next door to Richard Pearce in Waitohi and saw his first flight and his home- made plane in 1902. My Gran's great, great grandfather stowed away on a German ship. He was a boy and left Greece and landed in New Zealand.   The important thing my parents have learned in life is love.   

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