Sunday, 11 December 2016


Octoman is an octopus and he's got eight arms and he is as tall as a two story house. He also has a very, very smooth nose like a plank of wood and a bright red afro like cotton candy.

He really loves slouching in a pool like a big lazy slob. He really likes to flap his arms like a tornado. He doesn't like people only other octopus because he is an octopus. He loves to throw his houseboat on creatures homes.  He is as fast like as car moving at top speed.  He doesn't have any manners and he loves to eat like a pig.    

He does not like to talk to people because he sounds like a baby and he whinges about lots of stuff, like when people talk to him. He's happy when nobody is around him.  Octoman loves to speak with a British and NZ accent.

Octoman loves to hangout with fish because they like to swim to his boat in the water.  Fish like to call him Wiggles because he likes to wiggle his tentacles.  

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