Wednesday, 7 September 2016

If money grew on trees

                                                    If money grew on trees 

Have you ever wanted to buy something? Now you can because there is a new plant that you can buy at The Warehouse and it's a money tree. I asked my mum if I could buy it.  My mum took me down to the local Warehouse to buy the money tree. I was told by the friendly shop assistant to look after it and give it plenty of water and sunshine.

Have you ever just wanted a robot to do your homework?  Now you can because there is a new robot thingy at The Warehouse. One day later I got it  from The Warehouse because money had grown on my tree so I could go and buy it! It would be good because for some people it takes a long time to get their homework done.

If money grew on trees you could buy a lot of stuff you wouldn’t have been able to buy before. A Lego set for example or a fluffy toy or Meccano.  You could buy a trampoline, a swimming pool, table tennis or a playstation.  You could buy a lot of food and no one would be poor. 
If money grew on trees your parents wouldn’t have to go to work.  We could all do things together any time of the day.  We could send friendly robots to work so we could be together more than we used to with our family. We could go on a lot of holidays.

Oh no…...a robot’s my teacher! I guess Mrs Jones bought a money tree from The Warehouse too!

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