Monday, 25 July 2016

Exclamation of stereotyping

Stereotyping is to believe/think something of someone that isn't true and can be offensive to different cultures of people.

The first example of stereotyping is boys are strong and girls are not. I disagree because I know some strong girls. Boys and girls strength can be the same.
The second example is boys like blue and girls like pink. I disagree because I know some boys that like pink. Boys and girls can like the same colour because blue is not a boys colour and pink is not a girls colour.

The third example is boys stink and girls smell nice. I disagree because most boys in the world do not stink. Boys can stink really badly but when
boys have a shower and put perfume on they smell nice.

Overall I believe stereotyping is unfair because people can be left out and feel different when they don’t need to.  Don't judge a book by its cover.

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  1. Well done Jordan! You have clearly explained stereotyping and given great examples of this and excellent reasons why we should not stereotype. Your statements are real and I can visualise you saying this with a lot of conviction and humour combined. from Mum :)