Sunday, 3 April 2016

Where do I live ?

Where do I live?

Where the fluffy brown kiwi stalks, 
feeling the ground for worms.
Where the cheeky kea sores over the mountains and the NZ falcon scans the ground for prey. 
Where the tui whistles in the night.
Where the pukeko bobs over the swamp land.


  1. Great descriptive words Jordan that paint a wonderful picture in my mind. I can clearly see what the native birds do and where they live....well done!! Mum :)

  2. I love your background and the personification makes sound so real .

  3. I like the detail, and the story is great I like how you said...where the fluffy brown kiwi stalks it makes me know you live in New Zealand

  4. Great Explanation I felt like I was there.