Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Story of my name

My name is Jordan Doonerwind.  My mum Elisa picked my name 
Jordan is my mum’s maiden name. Grampsie’s family name is Jordan. Grampsie used to say he was the biggest Jordan and I was the littlest Jordan.

Jordan means descend, my descendants are my grandparents and their parents. I have come down from them.  If l was a girl I would have been called Jordan.  My mum's sister (Aunty Jacqui) used to call me Jordy when I was little and she still does.

I liked it  because it's my family name. I am the first person that I know of in the family tree that has Jordan as a first name.


  1. I like how you know all those things about your name

  2. Your are a writer like your mum

  3. I made a connection because my name was chose in a similar way

  4. Well done, it's hard writing that much